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New maps / Re: Map requests (aka "some maps to add maybe")
« on: August 29, 2014, 23:02:52 pm »

ehehe.... and for siju:  :drink:  ^^

New maps / Re: Map requests (aka "some maps to add maybe")
« on: August 27, 2014, 21:48:55 pm »
maps will be available fast as possible  :)

anyway, if you want play them....."n1k-lovet" and "Idm_Woody_fix" are already in both server....inste ad "encrusted" and "kairos-hint" are already in Star* but not yet in Planet*  :)

ahahhahahhhah i can't hidden in one way i start to think "inder" forgot the spam thread and "quake player" don't have anymore any reasons for trouble with me  :giggle:
i was worried and at the same scared of the future....

Now i can only say i am crying and i am excited to see you don't forget me <3 thx inder and thx to all my enemies :'( :'( :'( <3
i would get annoyed without you all <3  :'(

New maps / Re: Map requests (aka "some maps to add maybe")
« on: August 10, 2014, 15:50:18 pm »

* DeFRaG / Re: L!ve*Clan DeFRaG: How to play in our server
« on: August 07, 2014, 20:49:50 pm »
I am too lazy to read all this  :gruebel:

Seriously you don't have to, we are too bad in english to understand what he says.

Now, i dont want to make put more fire in the trouble but as you now, who will found make pee pee in the defrag room will be banned. I dont found this rule interisting.

I hope my partecipation was usefull for you :shame:

learn english and the difference between useful and useless  :sm2: and dont "make put" your shit here :rofl: ahaha

* DeFRaG / Re: L!ve*Clan DeFRaG: How to play in our server
« on: August 04, 2014, 19:19:02 pm »
2: you dont seem to have cared: lets take the carlos example: if you think, carlos is ME, why didnt you delete MAHOU nicknames time, instead of Carlos Jr.s time on lovet-longershit? logically, following your rule, Carlos' time should have stayed at the top, and mahous time should have be deleted. redirecting to rule 1: I would be allowed to use MAHOU and Carlos Jr. nickname, so I broke no rules till now. it doesnt matter at all if I am carlos or not: the important thing is you broke a rule of yourself, gg.

Inder the rules wasn't really public or official until now and too if they was unofficial and try to always follow them in one way you should understand after the first cleaning of the tops you got caught with new 54 stupid nicknames and, after you got warned, we found another new 35 nicknames and after more and more nicknames.... if had to follow in the past these rules you should be already perm banned, so..... without say alot of things not really nice you have done
And i add you are the only one have do it.....the others are most of the times correct and use at max 3 nicknames

6: spec/join script. yeah well, spectating is a big part of this game and is also very important for newcomers, thats clear. we have had a discussion. now, that rule is reasonable to me until a certain point. if the user who wants to spectate, is rude to the player, -> IMO <- the player should be able to be rude to him too. the definition of 'rude' might differ from person to person. if everyone shows a tolerable behaviour, this rule makes sense too. OF COURSE, this is your server, and your rules. i just wanted to tell you what im thinking.
thanks for (eventually) Reading

if one person is rude to you in chat have nothing to do with him can or cant spect you... i think its just a stupid revenge that make put more fire in the trouble.....if you have some problem like it just screenshoot the chat and report to the staff and, if it is a serious things they will eventually warn,kick, kick/ban the player

I dont anyway feel you should have problem like it since all players in star are usally really nice


I always let everyone spect me, too if maybe i dont enjoy the person....and i think the problem for you its mostly this....dont want people you dont like spect you and for me this is really stupid

in the end, i couldnt resist to comment on the rules.
i know this will be deleted, but please, before that, take the time to read it. i mean it.

we are not here for delete your post, your times or whatever.....we hate it coz it need time and instead we would like to see helpfull thread and partecipation

4: seems very clear and obvious to me. to remind you, user "Sponge", user "lagg_monstah" and user "yaw_monstah" +left, start deleting please.
i speak with the person make that time with "cheats" and he promise wont do it anymore (and for now seem he dont do it)......if i dont delete some of him times it's coz i dont found his records really interesting.... ..
before kick/ban or whatever i always like speak directly to the person do it

Greeting from Kamikaze, I'm still alive lol. I'm just playing locally
hi kami.....welcom e back :D

Join Us / Re: Request | Gay/Loser/Stupid*Marco
« on: July 26, 2014, 19:27:24 pm »
ahahahah omg  :weglach:

well.....maybee eeeee  :shame:

Join Us / Re: Ivey
« on: July 26, 2014, 19:16:18 pm »
welcome to the forum  :wave:

* DeFRaG / L!ve*Clan DeFRaG: How to play in our server
« on: July 25, 2014, 22:03:28 pm »
In this thread i am going to explain what are the basic rules for play in our defrag servers without get stuck in some shit:

1: Since no any login system exist yet we trust max 5 different nicknames from the same player
sub about 1st rules: if you need to change one nickname records or maybe merge with another just ask to the staff

2: If you have more then 1 records in the tops ( that mean at least the top20 ) we will care to delete them and let stay only the best one
3: If you have more then 1 person play in defrag with the same ip (in your lan or whatever) you are invited to notice us or the times of the "second" will be deleted
4: cheats, clones, spammer are banned without any discussion

5: nicknames spammer will be treated as they deserve...that mean if is an occasionally crazy moment they can get just from a time delete to a kick.
who will found do it often risk from temporary ban to a permanent ban

6.Who will found make a spect/join with scripts or maybe manually for don't let other people watch will be kicked....From the most beginner to the most pro are free to watch in spect another player

for now it's all....we deserve to make more rules...thx

Join Us / Re: Request | Gay/Loser/Stupid*Marco
« on: July 24, 2014, 22:41:16 pm »
i will never tell you   :piep: :-X

* DeFRaG / Re: Mistone teaser
« on: July 24, 2014, 22:40:01 pm »
uhm...maybe  :grien:

* DeFRaG / Re: Mistone teaser
« on: July 23, 2014, 21:34:58 pm »
isn't what i want to write but whatever if you like it more xD
maybe something like : before you provoke me and now don't like my NOT gently answer?
or wait? it's still almost the same shit? wtffff o.O

* DeFRaG / Re: Mistone teaser
« on: July 23, 2014, 19:10:15 pm »
Before you provoke and then don't like the not gently answer  :rofl:  :yeha:

* DeFRaG / Re: Mistone teaser
« on: July 22, 2014, 22:38:06 pm »
mhhh maybe idk....i don't anyway feel i would beat nina in vq3.... and you? :P

With or without mwheel/auto jumps ?

-.- with or without dont really care....vq3 isnt my mod and btw u wont beat her too if you would have a rocket shooter in ur asshole give extra speed xD  :grien:

* DeFRaG / Re: anal speaking problem
« on: July 22, 2014, 22:13:42 pm »
dont lost time m8  ;) he would anyway change nickname in 2 days  :grien:

i vote for fuck  :f1:  :rofl:

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