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* Clan News / Frag the Spambots!
« on: December 18, 2013, 23:47:15 pm »
Hello guys and girls,

In the last time we had so many registered Spambots and Spampostings that we must change the registration procedure.

At first you have a little bit heavier Captcha and 3 new Questions to answer.
Second you get a Mail with a link to validate your registration. (Dont use gmx, please, it seems that they block our mails)

We had to delete a few recently created "zero post"-accounts too, but we hope that all accounts were from spambots. If not, please register again. Thank you.

greets your
L!ve - Team

* General Discussion / Evil called L!ve cheater.
« on: June 13, 2013, 22:07:47 pm »
Hello guys and girls.

Now i want to write a short reply about the Topic "L!ve cheating at RailGunkings League?!" in the Evil Clan Forum. startet from Panic. His Posting with a screenshot of the match with my Post in it:

At first: L!ve* didnt cheat ofc!

For the RGK match we had 4 players for Team*A. StechaPfel, B!gDaddy (ok from Sergei, that he can play, caus Team*B is out, and we had not enough players), RMF and AEQ.
Two of Team*A couldnt play.

Crew had asked Echo to make Screens and demos.
Our Clan use Mumble (same as teamspeak), the players who played, were in an own/other Team-Channel, and Echo (Spec), me and some other Clanmember were in the mainchannel of L!ve.

First Map, only RMF, B!GDaddy, Aeq were alone in Teamchannel
Second Map only RMF, AEQ, StechaPfel were alone in Teamchannel
Third map only RMF, AEQ, B!gDaddy were alone in Temchannel

Echo was in mainchannel and reported a bit about the game, during he made Screens and Demos. That was all.
Thats no cheating or something like this, caus the Players couldnt hear or read us from the other Channel.

I hope that now is all clear.

@Panic, please ask before you write misrepresentati ons :-) 

Thanks for your attention ;)

greets Ice

Fun / Imperfect Frags & Craps
« on: November 28, 2012, 22:08:36 pm »
Hm i think you know this one? its soooooooooo mega cool   :resp:

but i have no idea who made this cool stuff.  :frage:

Join Us / Request | Ice
« on: August 23, 2012, 20:30:58 pm »
Hi guys. :)
Some of you were asking me in the last weeks if i want to join L!ve. :-P ^^
And yesterday Quix said i should write a post for all L!ve Member, so here it is :D

Who is **ice**? Hm, an Ex GoD :-D with the old nick: Nico. And i´m from North-Germany. My english is not very good but i hope you can understand. ^^
I played Quake III in the past and Open Arena since 4 years or so. With many breaks and inactive time because of an illness.
That means im not really good. And believe me :D

I prefer instagib at the moment. Mostly on GEMs server, but in the past i played more allrockets.
Hm, I dont really like all weapons, i must say, but i have also played it too, when some L!ve asked me to play in aw. :D

I dont know if you want to have a noob player like me in your clan  :o :D And now its your turn to decide, if you really want me or not. :-D Perhaps you could make a vote or so please?
And i think you can ask Panic, drunken, Siju and Wing for more infos about me and my skills, i think they had spec me sometimes, and played with me in teams. :DD

Hm, and now i dont know what to say more. :D If you have any questions, i´m in IRC and/or ingame (then i can start IRC) or a PM here and can answer you. ;-)
(( I don´t want to tell a lot more about me in publics. i prefer a bit more private, if that is ok for you. Thanks. :) ))

greets :)

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