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* General Discussion / Merry Christmas and soon a happy new Year :)
« on: December 26, 2015, 15:49:10 pm »
 :xmas: :christmas1:

* Open Arena News / Some Afershock games maybe?
« on: February 23, 2015, 19:05:43 pm »
chS/WereWolf is preparing some matches in Aftershock ...

I have been asked to post this 'doodle'-List here.
The goal is to find a day on which Aftershock can be played with a bunch of people.   :gimme5:

The text for this List explains a little more:
We are trying to schedule a day (or more) of the week when we can meet to play some fun matches all together. I suppose it will be CA for the most, but if there are some people that prefer CTF/TDM we can play those gametypes instead. The meeting point is the "RN|AS1(CA) AutoDL ON!" server at about 9:00 pm CET.

If you are interested please insert your name and mark which day (or days) of the week you are available.

L!ve*Clan is going to host a series of tournaments this year - the L!ve*World Series.

We want to make a competition for as many Mods there are in OA as possible.

The Competition will start at 1. of September with the DeFRag-mod.
We ask mappers to send us their maps, so that we can use them for this Competition.
Not only for defrag do we want maps that are NEW - We want as many maps to start this competition as possible.
Everyone who wants to help with this Competition is welcome.

Non-Defrag maps will be released in time for training sessions.

Mappers interested in releasing a map with this competition are asked to PM L!ve*Marco or me (L!ve*w!ng x) vie PM, in l!ve-clan@quakenet or via mail.
If you do not have our mail, ask us for our mails via PM, ingame, in quakenet or whatever way you come up with.

For Defrag we aim at six rounds with each map being played for a week.
We will release the detailed rules (which will surprise no one) soon.
The first three places in DeFRaG and Marco will receive a post card as souvenir.

Spread the word and stay tuned!!!

* Open Arena News / Insta CTF 2.0 --- Zim's NEW@openmafia !
« on: May 22, 2014, 15:36:47 pm »
Dear OpenArena world,

the last month was pretty exciting for some of us as there were many changes in instantgib CTF.
First of all Zimmer106 -famous owner of the Zim's instantgib servers- agreed on a joint venture with openmafia (Represented by Siju and partly me).
ZimsNEW Instantgib now runs on the openmafia-servers so that there wont be any problems with lags even if the server is 18/18 full.
And the server is getting full as you can see in the usage-graph below:

The server became pretty popular, as you can see in this q3 and oa popularity graph:

Before explaining what is so special about this new server, I would like to tell you a reason for it's popularity that can not be ignored.

GeM is no more

GeM's instantgib CTF is no more!
GeM posted here: about her point of view about some things.
We the Zimmer's staff are open to discussions and would like to reach out to people who played at GeM's.
We run a friendly server and you are not only welcome to play at that server, but also to discuss things with us
Ingame, in IRC@quakenet #zimmers106i or here. We are really open to new things, new players and new features.
Just tell us what you want, e.g. with the command !request ingame which leaves us a message.

So directly about the new Server:
We added new features, but we will not change anything that has to do with default OpenArena-instantgib movement/timing/gameplay!
Zim's server does NOT run any mods!
For example in contrast to GeM's we use the default OA speed of 320 (not 330 as it used to be on GeM's).
This 10u/s difference may change little things for hardcore GeM-players, but be aware too that as GeM used to ban good players rather than bad players,
there are some hard-skilled players on Zim's server.

Special features on the Server:
  • There are stats about games that have been played on the server.
    An early but runniung version can be found here:
    "Aeq's"-stats. We will probably improve lots of things here.
  • We emphasis caps over frags and therefore let everyone ingame know when you capped a flag :)
    Cappers will be mentioned at the end of each game in the console.
  • \spectatorspeed <number> and you can set custom spectator speed for being able to better follow the game in 'floating mode' with the speed you like
  • !stats for stats about you
  • !boss for the hightest monthly skill-score achieved in the map you are in
  • \myspeed for stats about you and the distance you traveled (Will be used later for stats)
  • \where coordinates where you are at (will be used later for stats)
  • Votes that change the map will be publicly announced as 'passed' as 'center print' - No more 'why is the screen frozen ... ah loading'
  • You will see in console who pushed you
  • A short tune will be played for 5 and 15  frags in a row to cheer you up(aka Google's-insta-sounds)
  • We try new maps, because among long played maps, new maps are fun. Use "!love map" or "!hate map" to show us if you like a map or not
  • !request You can request maps/feature with this command.

You see... many new features, but what will we do in the future?
  • We like a community based server. From not only ourselves we know that some people actively spect.
    Spects will be able to vote on things soon. We got the code already and will try it out soon.
  • More stats as a "fingerprint" of a player :)
  • Stats about fast cappers
  • Your !request ;-)
As I said, GeM's is no more but Zim'S NEW is there for you and Zimsmall is likely to run on openmafia soon too.
We are looking forward on your comments/requests/input.

And there is even another new insta server online now:
Dont forget about H4L, insta@openmafia and all the other insta servers, insta is not dead - the contrary is true.

Pretty much news for insta-players, I hope you will survive the shock and that I will see you on Zim'sNEW :)

Zimmer's server / [Fun] Zimmetry
« on: April 27, 2014, 20:58:47 pm »
Perfect Zimmetry in these matches!

8:5 5:8 (see scrennshots)

Zimmer's server / Beat the Hag competition - question!
« on: April 23, 2014, 16:54:01 pm »
When will the competition start?

Zimmer's server / Zimmer's Insta CTF Stats
« on: April 22, 2014, 18:14:40 pm »
Zimmer's famous insta stats are back on.

Thanks to Pixelized, SooKee, Aeq and ofc Zimmer  for this service :jo:

* Clan News / Board Invisible??? Group Membership - More options!
« on: April 22, 2014, 17:19:35 pm »
I made some huge changes to the old Forum:

You do not see the boards "DeFRaG" and/or "Insta CTF" ?
Join the groups
"DeFRaG" and/or "Insta"

You join like this:

Go to your profile and modify profile.
At the bottom: "Group Membership"
Join the groups you like.

I hope this shortcut-link works:

I changed this so that everyone can read what he is interested the most in.
It is like a buffet and you can eat whatever you want :)

More groups may come .....

Stay Tuned :)

* Open Arena News / News | Server with stats
« on: April 16, 2014, 19:23:16 pm »
There are some servers in OA that have stats.
As I just discovered a new one, I would like to give a short overview for those not knowing yet.

First of all, you can find stats for the two defrag server
StaR*DeFRaG and
with over 32.000 entries :)

Then there is evil-defrag:

There is the CITY-instaDM-Server :

And finaly my new find, a DM server with many stats,
here for example the daily stats:

Worth mentioning are the OAC ('OpenArenaCommun ity') servers,
which do not have stats, but some other interesting things:
and for french players who understand what is being written there:

If you know of other servers with stats, please let us know ^^

* Open Arena News / News | supeR,Gargoyle / H@des quits OA
« on: April 13, 2014, 19:47:45 pm »
A great CTF and defrag player just quit OA some days ago.

supeR,Gargoyle also known as Hades is no more.
He has to study and his new motto is kind of
"Life before L!ve*" (he told me he likes that motto) :)

Good bye Hades  :gutentag:

* Open Arena News / News | New wierd server
« on: April 10, 2014, 13:22:44 pm »
There is a new server in town, 'the wierd server'.  :spinner:


The server is NOT a mod, so no downloads needed.
I think of updating the rules of this server from time to time.

For now we got on the menu:
-slow mo rockets with 3x blast radius
-Rail with self damage and teleport (aka. Swap-Gun)
-Lightning with "2 damage for you 1 for me"
-Slow mo plasma with 50 damage
-mg and shotgun with little damage

Try it, it's fun!  :yes:

* Clan News / New Server: 'theWierdServer'
« on: April 08, 2014, 19:55:54 pm »
There is a new Server in town, 'theWierdServer@openmafia'.
I added some more realism to the weapons and the server is very pro and competitional.


I will add more competitional stuff in the future  :angel:

* DeFRaG / Defrag quiz
« on: April 08, 2014, 14:31:48 pm »
Guess the map,
guess the player:

* Open Arena News / News | No April fools here!
« on: April 01, 2014, 14:34:33 pm »
I am happy to be able to tell you that
has finaly made it into the 201X years and got an appealing website now.
That really lifts my spirit, as the old website looked kind of 1999
and sure is the main and first website potential new players come in contact with.

Of course experienced players prefer  :grien:

Mapping / CTF Map test please!
« on: March 26, 2014, 22:17:04 pm »
There is an incridible new and revolutionary map I am mapping at the moment *cought* or just havent put hand on lately and didnt release yet.

Do me a favour and

Join an openmafia CTF server
e.g. All Weaps
or Insta

\callvote wing-sago48

3) Play map

4) Post critique!

a)The Blue side and the Red side are different at the moment.
Blue is newer than red.
b) I know about the missing textures.
Strange enough parts of evil-lair textures are in pak0,
some are not (Tex with same evil-lair number).
c) The number 48 suggests roughly that the map is 48% done.

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